Easter flowers

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

While any flowers at Easter will be greatly received, there are a select few which just scream EASTER!

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These beautiful yellow trumpets are classic Easter, not just because of their spring arrival. By gifting a bouquet of daffodils it is believed to ensure happiness, generally the larger the bouquet the more affection and admiration you give. But beware, gifting a single daffodil actually means bad luck! Daffodils are gorgeous on their own (we love them in a milk jug) and there is a reason for this - they contain sap which is often poisonous to other plants. If you plan to use them in a mixed bouquet be sure to soak them in water for 24 hours to remove the sap.

Daffodils are very hardy bulbs - why not give them a go in your own garden!


Tulips are another spring surprise. Despite Holland being world famous for its multicoloured tulip fields, this is not where the tulip began. The tulip is native to Central Asia and it wasn't actually until 1954 when the first tulip bloomed in Holland. At one point in the tulips history, they were so expensive there is now a time period named after them called ''Tulip Mania''. It was said that tulips cost almost 10 times a yearly average working-class salary between 1634-1637!

Tulips are edible. During World War II tulips were often used as substitutes for onions and believe it or not they can even be made into wine!

Tulips are actually related to another Easter flower, the lily.

Easter Lily

The traditional Easter lily is the epitome of the Christian holiday of Easter. Despite its name, they are not actually a spring flower. These beautiful white flowers are carefully manipulated during growth to ensure they bloom at just the right time.. Easter! The Easter lily is native to Japan and the USA was the first country to buy Easter lillies. The pure white flowers represent joy, hope and life and are said to have been found growing where Christ's sweat touched the ground in his final hours on the cross.

Why not try growing some of your own Easter/Spring flowers in your garden this year, bulbs will give you a wonderful surprise just when you've forgotten you've planted them!

Happy Easter!


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