Flowers to spot when you're out and about

As spring is just arriving on our doorstep, we wanted to give you our quick guide to some of our favourite flowers to look out for when you're out and about.


These small evergreen shrubs are native to Asia and parts of Eastern North America. They have oval shaped leaves and dainty bell like flowers that come out in the spring.


These beautiful bright blooms, native to Europe, used to be seen as weeds that grew in cornfields. They flower from late spring through to the summer and are a great support for our pollinator population, providing lots of nectar and pollen.


Native to Europe and Asia, these flowers are much loved by bees and can produce thousands of seeds. Part of the daisy family, they are often found in fields and at road sides.


Camellia's are an evergreen shrub that can produce beautiful bright flowers all year round. Native to Asia, the Camellia family has several species that are used for making green tea.


These whimsical little flowers are native to Eurasia and grow from bulbs. They have long narrow leaves and white bell shaped flowers with petals often tipped with green.


These fragrant flowering plants are native to Asia and the Mediterranean. They have daisy-like flowers that bloom through the summer.


These flowers, most commonly found as a weed are native to Europe and Asia. Their leaves spiral up their spikes that are densely filled with often yellow or purple flowers.

Let us know what some of your favourite flowers are that you've spotted. Share them with us on Instagram @BunchesofSussex


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