How to press your own flowers

Once you've learnt the DIY method to press flowers you can use them in lots of different ways. A beautiful and personal way to decorate cards and gift tags, a bookmark or why not create some art - straight out of your garden!

What you will need:

- Books (heavy ones)

- White A4 paper (printer paper works well or you can use newspaper)

- Flowers (make sure you have permission to pick them!)

Step one

Decide what flowers you will use. Pick either just the flower or the stem too! Be sure you have permission to pick the flower and don't take more than you need. If your flowers have stamens be sure to remove them first to stop the pollen from staining. Flatter flowers work best (like daisies) but if you want to press larger flowers like roses you can cut them in half first - they will take longer to dry!

Step two

Take out your A4 paper and lay on a flat surface. Place your flowers onto it, trying not to overlap them. Place some flowers face down and some on their side for variety.

Step three

Take another sheet of paper and place carefully on top, sandwiching the flowers.

Step four

Pick a book to match the size of your paper and place both the paper and flowers inside. You could fold your A4 paper in half during Step 3 instead if you are using a smaller book - as long as the flowers are sandwiched between 2 pieces of paper.

Step five

Place numerous other heavy books, or items, evenly on top and store somewhere warm and dry (drying your flowers quickly is key to preserving their colour)

Step six

Leave for a couple of weeks, preferably 2.

Step seven

Open up your book and carefully take out the flowers. They will be delicate so a good tip is to use tweezers to handle them.


Your pressed flowers are now ready to glue or sew onto cards, gift tags, bookmarks or even just keep in a frame. When gluing, PVA is best as it dries clear and wont discolour your flowers!

The BSBI Code of Conduct contains guidance on how to collect responsibly and stay within the law when picking flowers - click here to view: BSBI Code of Conduct

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