In the garden with Beth

A look into Beth's garden with all her tips and tricks.

- What's growing in your garden?

In my garden I have a small vegetable patch, a big L-shaped flower bed and a paved area where I have lots of pots. In my vegetable patch I grow all sorts; courgettes, tomatoes, runner beans, carrots and wild strawberries. I even tried pumpkins this year but they all got eaten by little critters! My flower bed I try and keep as wild as possible. When I first started growing flowers I was very regimented, as in ''this goes here and that goes there'' but now I really like to mix up all the bulbs and see where they grow. I have planted Irises, Alliums, Dahlias, Anemones and Gladioli. Thanks to birds and bees pollinating I now also have Forget-me-nots, wild Daisies and even some Blue Bells!

- How do you keep your gardening as eco friendly as possible?

Being eco friendly is really important to me so I try and do this wherever possible. I have a large water butt which I let fill over winter and use to water my garden over summer. There's a local

coffee shop near where I live who bag up their used coffee grounds and put out for people to take which I use on my vegetable patch and the plants absolutely love it! I also try to make a lot of things myself rather than buying new plastic pots etc. Last year I made some planters out of old fence panels, I made a few small ones (which you can learn how to make here) and I also made a big one that I absolutely love!

Hand made eco flower planter

Purple  yellow flag Iris Flower

- Do you garden by researching first or trial and error?

Trial and error 100%. I always love to just get stuck right in and I'll read the instructions later!

- How does gardening benefit you?

Gardening really helps me physically and mentally. Being out in the fresh air catching the vitamin D rays is so good for you and just makes me feel energised. When pottering around the garden it really just takes my mind off the crazy world around me and really helps to re-align my inner calm. If I'm feeling stressed I know that a couple hours in the garden will make me feel so much better.

Dog wheel barrow iris allium flower

- What’s your best tip for other gardeners?

Nothing gets done in my garden without my little helpers seal of approval! Roxy loves running round the garden and that includes in the flower bed! My best tip would be that if you have any pets that like to trample flowers, build a mini fence to try and keep them out. I can't count how many times I've gone out and spotted a snapped stem or trampled flower (not that I could ever get cross with that little face!). I just used a couple of small pegs of wood and tied yarn from peg to peg. This worked well as it kept Roxy off but still allowed for any hedgehogs or other creatures to pass through.


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