In the garden with Chelsey

A look into Chelsey's garden with all her tips and tricks.

- What's growing in your garden?

Flowers. It is mainly roses, I don’t have a huge amount else. I’ve got a white hybrid tea rose for Arthur. Our red one was already here so I’m not sure what that is. Our peach one is nicknamed Sweet Dreams. Our bright pink one is nicknamed Friends Forever. Last year I only started off with the red one. This year I got the others and I cut them all back when the weather changed, my nan told me that was good to do over winter so they bloom nicely for spring. The red one went nuts so I had to secure it to the fence. It was huge! After I got the white tea rose it flowered a least 3 or 4 times and the red one was constantly growing new buds as it was in prime spot of sunlight. The peach one only flowers in summer but it smells really good. It has a sweet scent to it. The white tea rose is also really sweet – I can sit there and smell them all day. The ones from my mums have always been in pots and I’ve had them for like 10 years. They never did too well at my mums but in my garden, it can be a bit of a sun trap so they flower really well.

- What's the favourite thing you've grown?

Arthur's rose is my favourite as the heads on it are huge. It has a soft pale pink on the edge of the petals when they first come through, almost ombre – its really cute. That’s my most precious one for obvious reasons, its sentimental. Its so nice to look at as you don’t often see white roses in peoples garden.

- How do you keep your gardening eco?

We have a water butt and we use that to water the flowers in the summer-time rather than the hose. I have solar lights in my garden around the edges. That’s probably as eco as it is really.

- How does gardening benefit you?

I like doing gardening, it’s quite therapeutic, I never actually appreciated it until I’ve had my own garden. I feel quite satisfied when I’ve swept all the leaves up and pruned everything back so you can actually see the edge. Especially in the summer its nice to sit out there, with all the flowers bloomed, thinking ‘I did this’. I was never really into gardening until I moved here. Its so good for headspace, it gives you time away from normality and gets you outside in the fresh air. I like to look after my roses as they have a sentimental link so I do try with those, more than I would with everything else.


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