Make your own DIY coconut bird feeders

Here is our super easy DIY tutorial on how to make your own coconut bird feeders. Takes approximately 30 minutes to make. We hope you enjoy!

You will need:

- Hollowed out coconut halves

- Coconut oil

- Porridge oats

- Mixed seeds

- Spoon

- Saucepan

Step one

Put a few table spoons of coconut oil into a pan.

Heat the oil at a low temperature until all of the oil has melted.

Step two

Once the oil has melted, add your seeds and porridge oats.

Add enough to make a thick mixture.

If you are using any seeds that expand, like chia or flax, make sure you have soaked them before hand.

Step three

Using a spoon, pack your seedy mixture into the coconut halves.

Use the spoon to make sure it is packed in firmly.

Leave your feeders out until the coconut oil has re-solidified and the mixture has hardened.

Step four

Hang your bird feeders out and wait to see your feathered friends enjoy!

If you make your own DIY coconut bird feeders, take a picture and share with us on Instagram @BunchesofSussex


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