Make your own DIY planter

Here is our how to guide for these DIY planters, they should take about half an hour to make. It doesn't have to cost you much, these were made with wood found at the back of our shed so didn't cost a penny!

What you will need:

- Long wood panels

- Thick rectangular wood

- Hand saw

- Electric screwdriver

- Screws

- Soil

- Stones

- Plants

Step one

Decide what size you want your planter.

Cut wood panels into 4 pieces the same size for the sides.

Cut one piece slightly smaller for the inside bottom panel.

Cut the thick rectangular wood into pieces for the legs.

Step two

Drill holes in the shorter wooden panel.

It doesn't matter too much how many you do or how big they are, as long as they are dotted along the length and width of the panel.

This is is to allow water to drain.

Step three

Screw a nail into the thick rectangular wood.

Leave the screw half sticking out of the wood, this is for the bottom drainage panel to sit on.

I did mine about two inches from the bottom but it depends how long you want the legs of your planter to be.

Step four

Place one of your side panels onto the side of the leg. Line it up with the top of the leg and screw it in near the bottom. Repeat on the other leg.

Then get your next side panel, overlapping the first and covering up the screws. Screw this in near the bottom.

Try not to apply too much force if your wood is thin as this can cause it to split.

Step five

You will now have two side panels both attached to the legs.

Now slot in the bottom drainage panel and rest it on the screws you put in earlier.

Step six

The final step, attach two side panels to the other side as you did before, et voila! You have a completed planter.

To make sure it lasts as long as possible, give it a coat of wood sealer or paint to make sure they don't rot.

Adding your plants:

As we drilled holes in the bottom panel these planters will be great for drainage. But before you put your plants in, add a thin layer of stones around the drainage holes. This is to make sure they don't get blocked by soil. You are now ready to add your plants and watch them bloom!

If you have had a go at our DIY planter please share it with us on Instagram @BunchesofSussex


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