Valentines Day

With Valentines Day on Friday, everyone's first thought is red roses.

These romantic flowers are an unmistakable expression of love- conveying devotion, longing and desire, which is why they are the traditional choice on Valentines Day.

There's no surprise that with such a high demand for them, their prices rocket at this time of year.

Whilst red roses are a gorgeous choice and we do everything we can to keep them affordable for Valentines Day, we also recommend sending a loved one a less traditional/in demand option.

Want to keep things traditional?

The Love Bunch

Send some letterbox red roses

Fancy something different?

The Fuchsia Bunch

Full of freesia's. Freesia's show innocence and thoughtfulness and as they take a few days to bloom they just get better with time!

The Blush Bunch

This bunch is centred around delicate pink roses, representing gratitude, appreciation and admiration - perfect for Galentines or a best friend!

The Sweetheart Bunch

Brimming with longlasting carnations, this bunch will just keep on giving and giving. Carnations represent pure love, fascination and affection. Send some to your sweetheart!

The Yellow and Blue Bunch

This joyous bunch includes delphiniums symbolising an open heart and passionate devotion

So why not show some love (or self love!) and send a little pick-me-up in the post... it doesn't have to be just on Valentines Day!


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