Your Wildflower Seed Tag

Our personalised tags are made of air-dried, recyclable paper full of wildflower and grass seeds. Why send a card which will end up in the recycling bin when you can grow a little slice of bee heaven just by planting your tag!

Simply place your tag in a pot of compost (cover with a light scattering of soil) and water well. Place the pot somewhere warm and bright. Keep the tag damp at all times! Once the seedlings are well established you can transfer them to a bigger pot and then eventually your garden - it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Spring and Summer are best for planting - when the risk of frost is gone.


Your tag is full of Ox-eye daisy, Meadow buttercup, Birdsfoot trefoil, Black medick, Musk Mallow, Red Campion, White Campion, Self Heal, Salad Burnet, Yarrow, Black Knapweed and Ribwort plantain seeds.