DIY Wreath Making


In your DIY kit you will have:

Mixed foliage


Wreath ring

Wire reel

Pine cones

Any extras you have chosen

You will need: Secateurs/snips

xmas wreath.JPG

Let's get Started!

Watch the video below or follow the written instructions, or both!


- We recommend watching all videos in full screen and 1080p quality (HD) -


Organise all your foliage, moss and extras into separate piles and cut any long stems down to roughly the size of the palm of your hand



Take your moss and break it into separate lengths and gently form into sausage like rolls.


Lay all the rolls of moss on top and around the wreath ring to ensure you have enough to go all the way around. Make the moss rolls less thick if not.


Move the moss rolls aside and attach your wire onto the wreath ring. 


Place one of the moss rolls onto the frame on top of where you have attached the wire. Wrap the wire around the frame and moss until attached securely. Repeat with all the rolls until all the moss is secured onto the wreath ring. Keep the wire attached.


Make small bundles/piles of mixed foliage (ensuring you have enough bundles to cover the whole ring). Lay the first bundle onto the wreath and wrap the wire around the bottom of the stems in the same technique as attaching the moss.

TOP TIP - It may help to lay all the bundles out first, before you attach them, so you can create an even design and pattern with your foliage.



Lay the next bundle on top of the first so the tops are covering the stems (and wire) of the previous bundle and secure tightly again with the wire. Continue all the way around until the whole wreath is covered. When you get towards the end, lift up the tops of your first bundle and slide the next one underneath. Hold the tops away whilst you secure the last bundle with wire.


Cut the wire. Leave some wire at the end however, to create a loop and secure it onto the underside of the frame. This is so you can hang your wreath up!


Adding your pine cones and any extras!

Cut lengths of wire around 12inches long. Place your length of wire against the pine cone leaving about 4cm on one side. Circle the pine with the wire, keeping quite close to the bottom and trying to tuck the wire between the pine cone petals so it stays hidden. When the two bits of wire meet on the other side and create a criss-cross, twist the wire around itself a couple of times to secure it. Poke the wire through the foliage and moss and secure it onto the underside of the frame. This can be a little fiddly but well worth it! 

When adding fruit create a loop in the wire and poke through the centre. Then poke both wire ends through the wreath and attach to the frame or wire wrapped around the greenery. When adding cinnamon sticks, loop a length of wire through the twine and twist together to secure the sticks. Again, poke the wire through the foliage and moss and secure to the base.


Mist your wreath frequently to keep it as fresh as possible. Mist the back of the moss too! You can also soak the moss briefly in water to keep it hydrated. Hanging your wreath outside will also help to keep it fresher for longer in the cool air.

Happy Christmas, from Tess & Beth at Bunches of Sussex


Mulled Wine recipe

Want a delicious festive treat while you make your wreath? Try this simple recipe and get the festive juices flowing!

Mulled Wine with Fruit



Put the red wine, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, lemon zest, sliced orange and sugar in a large pan. Simmer on a low heat for 10 mins


Remove from the heat and cool. Leave to infuse for about 30 mins.


To serve, heat without boiling, and pour into heatproof glasses.



Add a slice of orange to your glass and enjoy!